The project

I developed and designed this website using the WordPress engine, and I adapted the design and the structure modifying part of the HTML, CSS and PHP code. I installed more plugins such as a Learning Management System plugin to add the necessary functionality to achieve the goal of this project. As a part of this project, I created a website hosted in the following URL


The ADDIE model is applied in many Instructional designs. In the paper by Hugh Seaton, Introducing ADDEDD (2018) proposes to make an update to the ADDIE model, a new framework which, according to Seaton, adapts to new technologies. And, because of the instructional design work it performs and the feedback received by customers, the model proposes adding to ADDIE the words “Determine”; that reflects the growing palette of media available to today’s designers, the goals and tradeoffs and; "Deploy Deployment", that includes reviewing the data – both the learner analytics and the program specifics.

Debbie Richards who worked with Seaton in his journal Seeing the Possibilities With Augmented Reality (2019), integrates the framework of the ADDEDD to extend the possibilities of the ADDIE model and thus adapt the framework with approaches and questions related to the work of implementing AR environments.   This project applies a combination of the above methods while allowing for a flexible approach to integrating new tools into the process. This project is aimed at educators, who will learn these technologies through a an online course considered distance education and as a part of the ADDEDD framework, first is necessary to understand how to teach adults and how to design an online course.